Ann Marie Nacchio was born and raised in Staten Island, NY. She has been singing practically her whole life, and writing music for most of it as well. Along the way, she has learned to play piano, bass and guitar. Ann Marie earned her Bachelor’s of Science from the College of Staten Island, concentrating on vocal performance. She has been classically trained and studied Jazz vocal performance beginning in 2000. Since then, she has been in numerous bands, such as Morning Starlett and The Bad Mouth Betties, as well as writing and releasing her own music under the name Ann Marie Nacchio. To date, Ann Marie has released 3 full length albums, two EPs and various singles, as well as having been a session vocalist for many projects. Ann Marie has also been an active member of podcast and YouTube series Band Geek for nearly a decade. With this group, she has had the honor of performing with many accomplished musicians in an array of styles.

She also has a theater background, assuming many roles over the years. She is currently the Head of the Performing Arts Department at Notre Dame Academy High School in Staten Island, NY.

Who are some of your musical influences:
"I have been influenced greatly by female vocalists such as Ella Fitzgerald and Aretha Franklin, but a fair amount of male rock vocalists like Ronnie James Dio, Freddie Mercury, Robert Plant, Geoff Tate and Bruce Dickinson.

Tell us about "Windborne Music's" shows and how they impact you:
"I adore doing these gigs. Everyone is the the epitome of professional, and it is so gratifying working with such talented people. I have had the honor of singing with many different Windborne Shows. Each show brings its own unique approach and breathes new life into this classic music that I find extremely compelling."

What's on your IPod?:
"A very eclectic mix of music… I listen to a bit of everything, but there is a lot of alternative rock, 90s R&B, metal and jazz. Everything besides country (minus a few artists)."