Born in Key West, FL


Kevin Moore has been playing the piano since the age of 6. A 1978 music composition graduate of Berklee College of Music, and a student of Charlie Banacos, Kevin's musical travels have taken him to over 60 countries, including extended stays in Japan. He has played a variety of musical styles while living in Boston, New York City, and also during some extensive cruise ship work. When he is not performing with the Music of the Doors, you might see him back home in Pittsburgh playing as many jazz and salsa gigs as possible.

I'm still sticking with the Roland RD-600 because the piano and organ sounds cut through the band well, and I like the weighted keys, but I try to spend more time on my Steinway B at home.

My father would play the Ramsey Lewis' album "In Crowd" and Ray Bryant's "Slow Freight" when I was very young, so I wanted to learn how to do those kinds of musical ideas. I had lots of classical training growing up, but when I finally heard people like Oscar Peterson, Herbie Hancock, and Chick Corea, I knew the direction that I would eventually go.

The Doors impact:
You'll probably see me smilin' because it's simply just a blast to play this vintage rock stuff while hearing all the orchestral instruments all around me.

I'm always listening these days so I'm running out of room, I think I need multiple ipods: One would be all jazz, with a lot of Oscar, Herbie, Chick, and Miles, and another ipod would be all classical, with mostly Sibelius, Liszt, Mozart, Bruckner, and Brahms.