Windborne's Music of Pink Floyd

The Music of Pink Floyd was Windborne's second venture into the Classic Rock genre with orchestra. Beginning in 1997 the show quickly became a popular program for orchestras. The nature of Pink Floyd's music made it a natural match for the orchestra. Unusual harmonies, ethereal high string lines and rich underscore allowed the orchestra to enhance what the band was playing. And much of the synthesizer sounds are recreated within the orchestration. Of course, the sound effects that are expected with the Pink Floyd sound are accurately reproduced in the show. Additional band musicians were required for the show as background vocalists, keyboards and a sax player were added along with bass, guitar and drums. Randy Jackson is back with the band and guides the show through all of the big tunes from this amazing classic rock band.

Music from Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall are prominently featured throughout the show as are some more recent offerings from Pink Floyd. Selections from A Momentary Lapse of Reason and Wish You Were Here are also featured and there's even a sing along with the audience.

As with The Music of Led Zeppelin, the band plays as close to the original recordings as possible and the orchestra both enhances and becomes an integral part of the music. There are even a couple of songs that feature only the orchestra and piano or orchestra and guitar and the richness of the palate of colors comes through with those songs in particular.

Of course, you can't have the Music of Pink Floyd without an amazing light show. Use of heavy colored lighting along with lasers and fog are all parts of the show that make it special.

The Musicians for this show are:
Brent Havens - Conductor, Arranger
Randy Jackson - Vocals
Dan Clemens - Bass
Powell Randolph - Drums
George Cintron - Guitar
Justin Avery - Keyboards, Background Vocals
Eddie Williams - Sax
Ann Marie Nacchio - Background Vocals
Robert Cross - Percussion